Importance Of Customization Of Nutritional Supplement Based On Local RDA Guidelines

Consumption of nutrients within the standard limit is prerequisite for an individual as both over and undernutrition is associated with a variety of complications (1). Hence, dietary guidelines have been designed to guide people and to ensure nutritional adequacy (1).  This article reviews the role of local RDA guidelines and balanced nutrition in maintaining the […]

Obesity or Stunting- Nutrition plays a critical role

It is a well known fact that children are a vulnerable segment of population and also very susceptible to morbidity due to infections. Various short term and long term health outcomes are associated with under-nutrition such as impaired immune function and consequent increased susceptibility to infections. Nutritional supplements can be served as an important source […]

Nutritional Status of Adolescents: Role in Weakness and Fatigue

Header image: Nutritional Status of Adolescents: Role in Weakness and Fatigue While fatigue has not been clearly and accurately defined, it is often under-diagnosed by both General Practitioners and Pediatricians.1The symptoms are often vague, from tiredness and sleepiness to lack

Relevance of Dual Protein in Blood Glucose Maintenance and Satiety

Type 2 diabetes is ranging from predominantly insulin resistance with relative insulin deficiency to predominantly an insulin secretory defect with insulin resistance. The transition from the early metabolic abnormalities that precede diabetes, impaired fasting glucose (IFG)


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