Child Nutrition Supplement to
support growth & development


Groviva® is a Nutrition Supplement to support growth and development in Children.

  • It supports brain development1
  • It supports immunity2
  • It provides 38 key nutrients



Certi5TM, the 5 signature nutrients for Groviva®, are carefully chosen to support cognitive function, natural immunity, normal growth and development, gut health, and bone health in children aged 2–12 years. 


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#ICMR - Indian Council of Medical Research.
*Nutrients meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) given by ICMR for children (2–12 years).

Ref: 1. DHA contributes to maintenance of the normal brain function, EFSA 2010;8(10):1734 & 2011;9(4):2078t. 2. Vitamin A supports normal function of immune system, EFSA 2013.